High Definition Multispectral Imagery for Archaeology and Historical Heritage

Arkéotéka is an innovative multispectral drone detection protocol. It is the only system in the world that analyzes the ground in high definition by different sensors installed on drones for the detection of archaeological remains.

This protocol will be deployed as part of the international research project on the archaeological site where the tomb of King Alaric I is buried.

Fossé archéologique visible dans un champ labouré

High definition multispectral imaging with UAVs

Archaeological remote sensing

  • Localisation of archaeological sites

  • Multispectral imaging

  • Localisation of old foundations

  • Localisation pits / trenches

  • Geo-referencing

  • Ortho-photographs

  • Photogrammetry

  • Study of the landscape

  • Archaeological map

Interventions all year round No intrusion on the fields Non-destructive technology Documentary and archaeological studies Simplicity / efficiency Decision support Reduced costs


Arkéoteka uses DJI UAVs to make optimal uses of our protocols.

We use Phantom 4, Phantom 4 RTK and Matrice 200.

For the Alaric project, the Matrice 600 pro UAV is the ideal tool to use our multi-spectral imaging protocols in an optimal way.

To contact us – – +33684603372 / +33663644881

Arkéotéka is a trademark of Arkéocéra and Altek

Détection multispectrelale - Environnement civil
Image satellitaire

Image satellitaire.

Exemple de données acquises avant traitement numérique.
Ensuite, pour trouver l’Épicentre Historique, nécessité d’un travail à partir de drones, pour une R=1 pixel =5 cm. Source HYPERION EO1. (Altitude 705 Kms, inclinaison orbitale de 98,2°).
Ci-dessous Variable altitude Drone source Sté ALTEK (20 à 50 mètres).

Image drone