Pleiades Neo

End of satellite surveys and discoveries

End of satellite surveys and discoveries via "Satellite Pléiade". 4 areas identified, including 2 with strong presumption of local archaeological resources. Successful test to obtain a research permit on private land, with UNICAL and MIBAC supervision. Preparation of the non-destructive metrology campaign in 2024 in the field.
Universita della Calabria

Signing of an agreement with UNICAL

To make available to the archaeological sector new data and technologies, based on non-invasive methods, from the space and air sectors and of civil or military origin. Analyse the results, compare and contrast them with other existing non-invasive ground-based techniques. Then, depending on the results, interpretations and correlations, consider verification by a primary, surface excavation at the first object found or relevant information
Metodologie di misura spettrale

Methodologies of spectral measurements

The archaeological sites of Kheops (Egypt) and Alaric 1 (Calabria) have been subject to the same methodologies of spectral measurements.
Drapeau italien

Contact with the Italian authorities

Contact with the Italian national regional and departmental authorities